Buttons on Slide Master won't function from Results slide

Unfortunately, I cannot provide a sample so I'll try to be as descriptive as possible. The client is using Internet Explorer with the course hosted on an LMS. We've been able to replicate the problem on IE and Chrome via Scormcloud. It's published for AICC.

We have a very large course for a client. On the Slide Master is a "Home" button. Its only associated trigger is a "Jump to Slide" (that slide exists within its own Scene). At the end of each Scene, the user is prompted to "Click the Home button" - however, one of the first times this occurs is on a Results slide at the end of a PreTest. The Results slide has several outcomes, based on score and will show an appropriate layer. (I've checked that none of the layers prevent user from clicking on the base layer). When you mouse over the "Home" button, it shows it's "Over" state, but when clicked, nothing happens.

I've tried to double-up on the functionality by setting a variable to true when Home is clicked and listening on the Slide Master for a change. Same result. I've duplicated the button directly onto the Results slide with both and either trigger and I've put that same button directly onto all of the Results slides layers. Nothing works. I even applied these triggers to the "Next" and "Prev" buttons, leading me to believe this is a bug with Storyline 2 and not a logic problem. (and before I forget, I've tried changing it from "Jump to Slide" to "Jump to Scene" as well).

Our next course of action if we can't get this resolved quickly (as this is an already deployed course) is to manually copy and paste the slides into a new document but I'd really like to avoid what could potentially be 8 hours of re-linking variables if possible. Your suggestions are most welcome.

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hey Derek,

Thanks for the description here. The trigger for this button - what slide is it supposed to jump to based on the user clicking it? From a master slide you'd have to set the trigger at the slide master vs. the individual slides, so it would all be pointing to the same slide and same location. 

You mentioned moving the button to the slides themselves and that also not working, so I'd want to confirm that you're working on local project files as described here and using the update of Storyline 2 Update 10. 

You mentioned that you wouldn't be able to share the file here, but if you're able to share it privately our Support Engineers would be able to take a look at it here. 

Derek Carr

After about 4 hours of trial and error I managed to get it working. If anyone else runs into this problem, here's what I did:

  1. Create a new Storyline 2 file.
  2. Set the size to match the original and Import the original file, omitting the Results slide during import.
  3. Create a new Results slide and paste in all the on-screen-text, audio, images, etc.
  4. If you have any text fields that show the user's score. Remove all instances, then click the Edit Results Slide button.
  5. Ensure the appropriate Quiz slides are checked. 
  6. Select the Options tab.
    Uncheck all checkboxes, then re-check Show user's score and Show passing score.
    Restyle those text fields as necessary.

What I assume happened is that Storyline is mis-matching variables for the results, ie: %Results.ScorePrecent% , %Results.ScorePoints% , %Results.PassPoints%.
The javascript / actionscript doesn't see the correct variable when it tries to populate those on-screen text fields and returns an error. In turn, that error prevents any other js/as from executing (except for the close button, which is probably tied to the HTML wrapper).

Ashley Terwilliger

Hey Derek,

Thanks for the update and sharing it here with us! I'm not sure I'm clear on your recent response and the connection with the master slide button- but hey, as long as it's working now! 

As for what you mentioned about the results slide variables, we've seen some mismatch happen before when adding in additional results slides or trying to manually adjust the variables (as they're not accessible and driven based on the quiz questions you've set up and connected with the results slide.