Buttons on Slide Master work intermittently


I have pause/play buttons on a slide master with  "Pause(Play) timeline on This Slide Master when the user clicks" triggers on them.

The buttons work sometimes, but not others.  Click pause and then play and it works, but click it again a few seconds later on the same slide and it doesn't.  It works on some slides, but then doesn't work on others.  (I don't have anything on top of the buttons.)  

To further confuse me, there is a "start over" button which sends the user back to the first slide, and it works all the time.  Only the play and pause functions are intermittent.

Any idea what I've got wrong?

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Ken Teutsch

There is one button for pause and one for play.

There's really nothing complicated about it.  Just a "Pause this timeline..." trigger on one and a "Resume timeline..." trigger on the other.

And a "Jump to..." trigger on a third button, which works.

On the slides themselves there is an audio file playing and a few graphics which appear and disappear.


Christie Pollick

Hi, Ken -- I see that Michael is assisting you here! Thanks for your additional explanation, but if you could share your file (or a pared-down sample that illustrates the behavior you are seeing if privacy is a concern), that would be great so that we can take a closer look and offer some suggestions. :)