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Michael Hinze

I'm not sure I understand the question. A master slide (and its 'children') is created when you start a new Storyline project. Similar to working in PowerPoint, you can then customize the look&feel of the master slide before adding content, or start adding content slides and tweak the master slide as you go along.

Robbin Hessa

Ok.  You have layouts, slide masters, and Storyline templates.  The layouts are the look and feel of the course that can be saved as themes.  If you add the created layouts/themes to the slide masters along with the button triggers, then I'm confused as to when and why you create a Storyline Template.  What is the order of creating a layout, master slide, and template and how do they overlap and work together?

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Brian,

This thread is a bit older so I'm not certain if Michael is still subscribed, but you may want to ping him directly using the "contact me" link on his profile. Without seeing the file, I'm guessing there is a button that toggles the "mute" and it's only reset based on clicking the button not the slide's timeline starting so that the value is carried across slides once a user enables it. Here is another mute example with a .story file included. 

Brian Swisher

Hi Ashley,

Thanks for the reply.  I will send him a PM.  I saw the thread you linked earlier in my research. That example has it attached to a content slide versus a media slide.  When I tried to attempt this on a Master Slide, I had no media to link because it was the slide master.  This is boggling my mind.


Brian Swisher

@Michael, that helps me picture it out.  I noticed that its only muting and replaying the audio that is on the Master Slide though.  There isn't individual audio on each slide in the Story.

If I have different audio on every slide in the story, is there anyway to simply add a main mute/unmute button to the Master Slide?  I dont want to pause/play, as I have a functioning toggle button set up on the Master Slide for that already.  Strictly looking to mute/unmute.   It was so easy to set up the pause/play.  I'm not sure why there isn't a simple option to mute/unmute timeline as an action.  Hoping there is a workaround.