Buttons to appear at revisiting

Hi, I am trying to solve  the following puzzle. My learners may want to revisit some sections and I want a button (back to section) to appear only on those revisions. These will be multilateral tab interactions and I want this button to be seen on each layer. Moreover, one of the slide they will be sent to will have 3 additional slides (so they will be sent to the 4 slides total, not following each other in the course flow).  The problem is that the course will not have the menu (per client's request) and on the top of all that, the next button will be disabled till the end of the timeline. As I understood the next button will be activated on  revisits but then my learners may be trapped to got through all of the material again given the lack of the menu if they miss the button (get back to the section). Are there any navigational solutions other than creating duplicates of the slides to be revisited. 

So, to make this long story short: I need the next button to disappear at all at revisits on some of the slides; create variables for a button to appear on revisits only given that those slides are multilayered. Hope it all makes sense. Thank you so much! 

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