Buttons, triggers and problems in Storyline 2!

Hi, I have been trying to create a clickable flowchart, using the built-in buttons and assigning triggers to them. I start with some top-level text and two visible buttons. Below that I have text, arrows and buttons that all start out in the hidden state. I thought that simply by assigning triggers to the buttons, I would be able to change the state of the hidden items to normal, so users reveal the answers as they click away. But I cannot get this to work. As soon as I apply more than one trigger, the buttons cease to be clickable. I have no variables attached to the rules. I have tried this in two files - one fresh in Storyline 2 (which I've only just downloaded) and one in a file converted from Storyline 1. The native Storyline 2 file is attached, in case anyone can help me.

Many thanks

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