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Walt Hamilton

I see that the buttons on the correct and incorrect layers jump to two different slides titled Carters Good. I don't know which one you want, but my first guess is that they are reversed. Maybe having two slides with the same name caused you to set the jump to the wrong one?

Far more likely to cause serious problems is that your slides have two submit buttons on them. I would advise you to take the system's submit button off the slide, and use yours. Then delete your custom triggers, and use the system's. Your triggers do exactly what the system's do, but may interfere with it.  You can set that same submit interaction on your button, and things will work a lot better. It will do exactly what your triggers do, with less work and fewer opportunities for error.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Shannon,

I'd agree with Walt here in terms of letting the slide function as it's intended using the feedback options for the layers and the normal behavior - but I'm unsure where you'd like the slide to go as I see it's set up to go back to slide 1.17 but then from there you can only get to slide 1.25 - so they'll never get to slide 1.24...which also directs back to 1.17. Perhaps you could share a bit more info on the order you'd like to see vs. what you are seeing so that we can ensure we're checking into the right elements. 

Shannon Glade

Hey, I have it set up so they are examing a order. The start at slide 1.8 from there they can chose with order they would like to review. for an example they want to review the Tumi order. How I would like it to work is they >Click Tumi ( takes them to slide 1.4)> Once they have reviewed slide 1.4 they click button Decision> Takes them to 1.15 to accept or reject the order submit> Takes them the layers correct or incorrect> Then continue allows them on slide 1.10 to write why they accepted or rejected the order> From that slide it takes them to a layer in 1.10 to give key points about the order> Then starts them back at slide 1.8 to follow they same process for the other merchants.

I created the slides out of order so they are all over the place, as my business partners requested for a more complex review and exam for the agents.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Thanks Shannon for sharing some more info - that was helpful to me as I worked through your file. I didn't see any triggers or elements that should be contributing to this, but following the initial section that had an issue the "Carters" path I could see what you were describing that it was directing me to the NY&Co for the text entry portion. I took a look at recreating your feedback layers on the question slide prior and allowing the normal layer/question behavior to function as designed with a trigger to the next text entry slide. I updated this for the carter's section and it seemed to be working as expected (I stripped it down to just the branching slides to make testing easier). With this in mind, I'd look into using the built in set up and allowing that to guide the navigation especially if you've been moving slides around. 

Also here are some good general guidelines for working on your storyline files. 

Walt Hamilton

I think what Ashley did is what you want. Choose the top Carters from the menu and it will take you to the order slide. The decision button will take you to the decision button. The submit button shows the correct or incorrect layer. (I would delete the copies of those layers.) The continue button takes you to the notes slide. So far so good.

If you click the review button, it takes you back to the order slide. From there you click on the decision button, and it shows whether your answer was correct or not, and you click on continue to get to the notes slide again to write your notes. I wonder if it would be better for the review button on the notes slide to lightbox the order slide.

Then when you type your notes and click submit, there are two triggers, one to show the feedback layer, and one to submit the interaction. With something this complicated, I think it would be impossible to put all the possible variations for the correct answer, so I would not submit the interaction. I would just show the layer that has the key decision factors.

Then click the continue button and it takes you back to the main menu.

I took the liberty of making those changes and set the lightbox so it will return if you click the order button instead of going to the order decision box.

If that's confusing, I'd be glad to answer any questions you have.

Shannon Glade

Hi Walt,

   I see there is a variable titled lightbox. Is this just a variable you created and titled lightbox?

I know in triggers there is built in under common lightbox slide and close lightbox. Do these options have anything to do with your light box?

Or are you just creating a variable that is True/False named lightbox?


Also I am wondering if it is just a variable with that title do I need to create a true/false variable like you did for each one ie; carters, Tumi, Columbia etc?

Walt Hamilton

You're right, I just created it so if the order slide was being lightboxed, I could use it as a condition to make the continue button close the lightbox, rather than jump to the decision slide.

I had the same question about the other vendors. I think one variable will work if the user doesn't have any freedom of navigation. If they do, they may be able to jump to the order slide when the variable is set to true, and the continue button won't advance them. On the other hand, having a separate variable for each vendor does little to guard against that, it just lessens the scope of the problem to one vendor at a time.

Short answer: I don't think you will need multiple variables.

And you're probably irght, I should have named it something like ImBeingLightboxed or something that can't be confused with a system reserved word like Lightbox.

Shannon Glade

Hi Walt, I tried to dupilcate what you did. After my multiple choice slide when I hit submit it does not show the correct or incorrect slides. It only works on my Tumi slide 1.15.

I know both you and Ashley said to use the auto trigger responses I am not sure how to set those up as the auto triggered response?

Also After I hit submit on the text entry box 1.10 it does not show the slides layer. I am am not sure why it is not showing the slide Layer?

Shannon Glade

Hi, I made changes and the correct and incorrect layers are showing after the multiple choice slide.

These same layers for some reason are also showing after the entry box slide. The entry box should not have a correct or incorrect slide. This same slide is also allowing me to bypass writing anything in the box. I need them to have to write in the box before they move on.

Can you look and see why the layers are showing up after the entry box? Also help me understand how I can make it so they can't move on until they have written in the box?

Again thank you for all your help, I am the only one doing  this here at my work and you guys and youtube are my only resources.