Buttons with Icons and Gradient Fill

Dec 12, 2014

In Storyline 2 when I create a button, make a path gradient fill and then add an icon the only area on on which I can hover to any effect is a tiny border around the button and clicking does not do anything. If I use just an icon with solid fill the button is fine. If I use just a gradient fill with  no icon the button works fine. If I take a button that doesn't work and then remove the icon it works fine.

I know I can put a transparent shape over the button and have that control the states of the button but that would be a pain.

Anyone have any suggestions?

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Emily Ruby

Hello Zachary!

Welcome to the community!

I took a look at your file and saw the flickering effect. I created a new button with a gradient and an icon and it worked as expected. I am not sure what happened with that particular button, but i re made the "hover state" and now it is working fine.

See attached.

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