Buttons within States that are inside Layers....

Jul 03, 2013


I have set up the following:

I have 2 images of an item, one front and one back image.

I have placed the Front image on its own layer and it appears when a button on the main timeline is clicked.

The Front image has 2 states, the Normal is the Front image and the second State is the Back Image

Within the Normal State I have added a button that when clicked will show the Back Image.

Note **I found that you cannot create a button within the state, but I created the button on the main timeline, and then cut and paste it into the editable State.

When clicked it shows the back image fine.

I did the same for the second state but instead pasted a button to show the Normal state again.

The problem is that when I click the button to show the Back image, the image shows, but the button to go to the Normal image is still showing as the Back Image button.

When I check the States, the second state does have the correct button.

I hope this makes sense and any help would be useful.

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Donna Morvan

Hmm.. am not gonna lie Darren but this confused me.. haha.. so let me make sure I got this right..

1. Base Layer

 ---Button to show the Front Image

2. Layer 1

----Front Image

----Button to show the Back Image

Is there a 3rd layer where the Back Image is and another button to show the Front Image again?

How many layers do you have?

How many buttons?

Thanks for clarifying,


Mike Enders


If I'm reading your explanation correctly, you may be able to use states to accomplish this.  Basically, your image front would be the normal state, and the image back would be the selected state. 

Your button (on the base layer) with the same states (normal and selected) is used to toggle the image states back and forth (two triggers do the trick!).  I've attached sample to see if this meets your needs.


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