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Sep 10, 2014

The issue is this: I have a scenario, where a number of choices send the user to via a link to the only question (out of 6) that pertains to his/her area. When I review the quiz (has other questions), the five other questions that are not relevant to the user and that were not visited, count as wrong answers. So the user can never successfully complete the course and if I want to pass the score on to Moodle as the LMS it is naturally wrong too. How can I make the unanswered questions not count so that they do not appear during the quiz review and how do I pass the correct score on to Moodle? Or - can I select a specific question in a question bank and, depending on this choice, can deselect other questions in the question bank?

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Emily Ruby

Hello Felix and welcome to Heroes!

You may be able to track multiple quizzes within one course, however we can only report one element. You may need to set up a results slide for each quiz question and use Branching to get the to bypass the other questions.

Here is an earlier thread that may be able to offer some additional suggestions and options.

Let us know if you need anything else.

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