Cabling my Content to an iPad...??

Help! Can I move my Stoeyline-iPad published file to my iPad without having to upload it to the web? I work with a group that maintains tight control of their content and they will not allow me to hang it on the web at all.  I'm really hoping i can USB cable it over and put it in the Articulate Mobile Player library manually? Has anyone done this?

My apologies if this has been addressed...!!

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Nancy Woinoski

mashrur nabi said:

Hey Matt,

You can try using one of these apps.  iFlashDrive ($2), and Briefcase ($5) or

You would open the story.html file in safari and it would trigger the articulate player. 

I haven't tested this, but it should work in theory.

This might work for using html5 on Safari, but there is no current way to access the mobile player library unless you upload via the web. I think someone has added a feature request to add this capability.

Jenn Kong

I have a question about playing story.html on the iPad...

Currently i am emailing the published file to my Mail account and then I open up the zip file in Good Reader.

When I try to tap on the "launch" or "play" button on the iPad, it doesn't bring up the Articulate Player... so I am not able to view the interaction of the Player and how the content looks...

Am I missing a step between un-zipping the published file to clicking on the story.html page "Launch" button?
It doesn't give me the option to choose to "Open in Articulate Player"...

Nancy Woinoski

Hi Jenn - I think you may be missing a few steps. Before you can view the content on the iPad, you first have to upload the zip file to a web server and unzip.

On the iPad you need to go to the app store and download the articulate mobile browser.

Once you have done both of these things, you need to send an email containing the link to the story.html file and open it in the web browser on your iPad. When you click the link in the email, the articulate mobile browser will launch.

here is a link that contains more information on how to upload your content for viewing on the iPad.