Cache/Memory Issue When Publishing

Hi all,

I am having a weird issue. When I develop a project, I usually create new versions or drafts as major changes are made. Tne I will use the finalised version as the published version.

However what is happening now is, for example, I open version 3 to publish but it publishes version 1. It seems to be remembering the very first version I would have worked on, as if there is a memor or cache that needs to be cleared.

Has anyone ever come across this? I cannot figure out where this might be pulling the old data from. I checked my My Articulate Storyline Projects folder but there is nothing there. I cannot see an obvious Cache location in the Program Files section either.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Sarah,

Where are you saving and editing your .story files? Are you working off a local drive (the recommended method) or accessing them through a network or USB drive? If the latter, that may be where the cache/memory issue is occurring. I'd suggest copying the latest .story file to your local drive, ensuring that the file name doesn't contain any special characters, accents, etc. and that the file path is well below the 260 character limit imposed by Microsoft and then try publishing again.