Calculate dynamically °C to °F

Jan 13, 2016

Hi All,

I need your help to do this in the SL2 with the help of Javascript.

To get an idea what we have to achieve.

1. If I move any slider of these two up/down the 2nd need to slide move accordingly.

2. When I am moving slider the value should be change automatically is it possible in SL2 with Javascript?

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Matthew Bibby

You don't need Javascript to do this.

Just set up a number of triggers that monitor each variable and adjust the other variable accordingly. For example, Adjust variable C to 30 when variable F changes if variable F equal to 86.

You'll need a lot of triggers, but it shouldn't take you too long to get it set up. And as you are using sliders, these will adjust automatically if their variable is changed. Hope that helps.

Praveen Dixit

Hi Matthew,

Thanks for the quick help this is the way that we are thinking but, it will take too much time and efforts and also this values need to calculates in points. For e.g. 104.3 or 21.9 anything so If we work with this process I think It will taking nnumbers of trigger which we will trying to avoid.

If nothing work around then of course we have to do this.

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