Calculate the time spent on pages, questions and scenes (LMS report)

Apr 30, 2020

Hello, I would like to know if it is possible to calculate certain durations per user and also for the project (and see the data in a LMS). My client would like to have this data for a research project.

- the time taken to complete the course
- the time spent by sections (see image). Storyline scenes
- time spent per page
- the time spent on the question pages. This is a text entry page (Survey: Essay) and the client would like to know how long it took the user to enter these notes.

If possible

If the user returns to a page already viewed, does Storyline calculate the total time of the 2 visits or it only keeps the time of the second visit.

Because I did a test Cloud Scorm using Scorm 2004 and I can see (in the report) the Total minutes and the Response Time ( interactions report) for the question page. But I don't understand because the Total minutes is 59 seconds and for the 2 questions, 54 seconds each. 

Maybe i could use Tincan instead of Scorm, would i have this data?

Thanks for your help

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Vincent Scoma

Hi Mat,

Thank you for sharing your design needs with us! 

While Storyline does send latency data to the LMS, how that data is tracked/reported is typically handled on the LMS side. You can find more details about what data Storyline sends to an LMS here: 

I am hoping that others in the community will be able to offer some guidance on how they accomplished this!

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