Calculating slider values

Apr 30, 2017

Hi All,

I'm trying to total three slider variables (SL1+SL2+SL3). The sliders work fine and have been set variables displaying between £0 - £500,000. They work well.

I've set a variable for the total and then referenced it at the bottom of the slide. Then set a trigger to add each SL variable to the total when the relevant slider is moved.

After seeing a tutorial on making a calculator - I then set a trigger for a value of 0 for each slider when moved and promoted them to the top (all three). The total when the top slider is moved works perfect but then it all goes wrong.

As a newbie, I've already taken about three hours to get this stage. Unfortunately, I don't like things to beat me and I could lose a week on this :-( Therefore any help would be very much appreciated. 



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Ray Martin

Michael, just run your example and it works perfectly, unlike my first stab.

A few questions:

Why did you set up a layer called calculate? Also, your sliders do not appear to have triggers to reset them when they moved after the first attempt e.g set to 5 and then moved again to 3. Why is your total correct, whereas mine would have added both( 5+3)? 

Thanks for all your help.

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