Calculating values entered into numeric entry fields.

Jul 19, 2016

Hi there. I'm experimenting with a survey using numeric entry fields. I would like to A - control the numbers that are entered into the field (i.e only numbers 1  to 5) and B - calculate the sum of the numbers entered into the field to give a total at the end of the tutorial. I've found information on formatting data entry fields but I'm at a loss when it comes to numeric entry fields... Any help appreciated. I've attached a working file.

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Joanne Chen

He Narissa, If you don't want users seeing the sums when slider moves, you can use a trigger to do with it in several ways. For example, you can have the sum text to be hidden and change the state to normal after click a button, or make the sum text in another layer and only reveal the layer when hitting a button.

Narissa Lewis

Hi Joanne. Thanks for your feedback. I dont want the users to see the sum until the end of the tutorial in a mocked up results type slide. I would like the sum to be calculated based on the number that relates to the final position the user selects on the slider before moving to the next slide. I added the sum at the bottom of my slide to test the function but it appears to be adding numbers at each point that the user moves the slider to. In my example, the user shouldn't be able to get a result greater than 15. Any ideas on how I can change this so it only calculates the final position of the slider? Suggestions and feedback welcomed :)

Wendy Farmer

Hi Narissa

see if the attached update to your file works.  I added a button called 'I'm Done' which the user would click once they have dragged each slider.  This will allow you to grab the final scores from each slider location instead of it adding each slider movement.  

Hope that makes sense and if it isn't how you want to make it work might give you an idea

Joanne Chen

Hi Narissa, looks like Wendy has brought you a solution. And just one thing to remind you that if you would allowed users to drag the sliders after submitting, you need to reset the value of TOTALCreativity, otherwise it will add more value then. Or you may just restrict to drag the sliders after submitting by adding a transparent object above the sliders and disable the button.

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