Calibri Font changing from 12 to 15

Jan 09, 2015

Hello everyone! I’m looking for some assistance with a Storyline issue that has been recently occurring to some members on my team. When we open up Storyline files that were created within the past year, some of my team is having an issue where the text is now overflowing outside of the shape/text box. Other members are not having the same issue with the same file. In most cases, the font is Calibri 12 and has switched to Calibri 15 for those that are having the issues.

It should be noted that when we click into the area to edit the text, it states the text is at a 12 font. However, when you click on the shape or text box as a whole, it lists the text as 15. Those who are not having the issue do not have this experience (it states 12 font for both situations).

This does not seem to be a version issue as we have members on the team with the same version and computer yet it will work for one person and not the other.

For those having the overflow issues, they occur in the exact same spots in the modules.

I have added an attachment to demonstrate the issue: The first three slides display the issue, while slides four and five show how the slides look to someone who is not having the issue.

We are still on the original Storyline platform and most of us are on Update 6:  1407 2208

Any assistance would be appreciated.

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Eric Rohrer

This is likely due to different text size settings across different users. Be sure all team members have their text size (DPI) at 100% (Control Panel > Appearance and Personalization > Display > Set custom text size (DPI)). See attached screen cap.

This situation came up this past year when some team members were issued some new Dell laptops. Those laptops were set by default to 125% (why one would default to 125% I don't know - Microsoft always baffles me), where the existing laptops were set to 100%. When someone with a machine set to 125% would open a Storyline provided by someone with a machine set to 100%, the font would be 25% larger.

This sounds like your situation, since if you multiply 12 by 1.25, you would get 15.


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