Calling different SCORM package upon different buttons click

Hi all,

I have a main SCORM package (storyline 2). In it, there are 3 buttons named Lesson 1, 2 and 3. 

When user clicks on Lesson 1 button, Lesson 1 SCORM package will be launch without closing my main SCORM package.

When user clicks on Lesson 2 button, Lesson 2 SCORM package will be launch without closing my main SCORM package.

Same for Lesson 3. 

Any idea how to make this work? 

Thanks alot. 

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Dave Cox

Hi Julia,

Are you packaging these as multiple SCO packages? If so, how are you creating the SCO package? Or is this something that you are doing completely withing Storyline? Maybe as different scenes? 

Storyline 2 doesn't publish to multiple SCO packages, so if that is what you are looking for, you will need some way of combining the storyline courses into a SCO package.

You can do three lessons in one Storyline package. I would create each lesson in its individual scene, with a scene for navigation.

Julia Tan

Hi Dave,

Thanks for the reply. 

I don't wish to combine all into 1 package as I afraid the final package size is too huge. 

I looking at multiple LMS package or web packages. Eg Lesson 1, 2 and 3 packages. 

Then I have 1 main package with 3 buttons. Upon clicking on button 1, lesson 1 package is launched. Can be embedded or popup on another window. Same for Lesson 2 and 3.

My main package reminds in the background. with the Lesson 1 on top. When user close lesson 1, he can still see my main package. 

Able to? 



Dave Cox

You could use a link to open the lesson in a new browser window. You would set the browser window properties to "Display in new browser window". 

Check with your LMS administrator for the link, and if this will work OK with your LMS. If not called correctly, your results may not record in the LMS properly.