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Nancy Woinoski

Hi Jeff, you have to use a trigger for this. On the main slide, add a slide trigger that says Show Layer x when timeline starts.

This will cause the layer to open without any user interaction. If you want the first layer to close as soon as the user clicks another layer trigger, just make sure the layer properties are set to "hide other layers"

Chris Pal

Hi Nancy,

I refresh the topic only to say Thank You very much for the tip.

I must say, I have considered the Storyline 2 to be very intuitive so far. But this feature is absolutely unintuitive. I spent about an hour trying, clicking, searching and previewing for the proper setting (to obtain the layer visible when the slide appears). Then I started to browse the forum and found the thread.

Can't it be just an "eye" icon on the layer to make it visible/invisible? Would be much easier.