Can a long timeline cause this issue?

Hi. I have a course that plays a 30-35 minute video from an external server.  I want the Learner to view the entire video, then the Next button will allow them to move forward. When they click Next and arrive at the next/final slide, they are marked as Complete in the LMS.  A couple of Learners (out of 200) say the Next button will never let them move forward after the video. We ruled out issues with the versions of Flash and their browser.

Here's how I set up the file:

  • I'm using the default Articulate player with built-in Next/Prev buttons.
  • I inserted a Web Object that loads the video from the external URL automatically and displays it in the slide.
  • Because Storyline cannot really "hear" when the video ends, I elected to use Jump to Next slide, When User clicks Next, IF object's state is Visited.
  • On the same slide with video web object, I placed a shape object off the slide, with initial state as Normal. I added a trigger to change the state to Visited when the timeline ends.
  • I dragged the timeline to 30 minutes (I've also tried 20 minutes). long as the timeline has ended (30 actual minutes have passed), the object's state will change to Visited, and the Next button will allow Learner to move to final slide and will be marked Complete.  (I suspected that these Learners were using the video's seekbar to skip through the video, and of course that will not satisfy the end of the 30 minute Storyline timeline. I now believe they did view the entire video, with more than 30 minutes passing.)

One other thing: The slide properties are set to Reset to Initial State.  Is it possible that the video ends and then loops to beginning, causing the object to reset to Normal state and, thus, preventing Learner from clicking Next to move ahead?   There are several hundred more Learners taking the course so I need to understand what's happening here. Thanks for any guidance on this!

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Emily Ruby

Hello Jill!

The reset to initial state should only effect the slide when a user revisits it. 

Another thing to consider is to make the Next button set as disabled when the timeline starts, and have it change to Normal when the timeline ends.

You can also test this course in the SCORM Cloud, the industry standard for testing, to see if you get the same results.

Jill Freeman

Thanks, Emily. Making the Next button disabled/enabled is a cleaner way to do this. (There was a reason I used an object instead, but now I cannot recall that reason...)

I did test the course on SCORM cloud and it functioned as intended. Plus hundreds of other users have completed it successfully so far. 

So the long timeline is probably not the culprit? That was the first time I used that method so wondered if there was a limit. Thanks again!