Can a screenshot in Storyline be edited?

May 24, 2012

Or replaced?



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Tracy Buthe

Hi Walt,

I think it depens on a couple of things ...  What do you want to change and how was the screenshot taken. If you used storyline to capture the screen,  i haven't found a way to replace it other than putting a graphic on top of it or deleting the entire slide.  But depending on what needs to be changed you can right click on the screenshot and try using the action fine tuning - which is one of the coolest features in storyline. It allows you to nudge the start of the end point of the screen capture. So for example if a tooltip is showing and you don't want it in the shot, you can nudge the start of the screen capture frame by frame (cuz Storyline treats it like a video) and find a frame where the tooltip isn't showing. Hope this helps but if not post back about what needs to be changed and i know someone on this forum can help you out.


Walt Jones

I used Storyline to record the procedure. 

Perhaps I'm using the wrong term. I don't mean what's called "Screencast" on the timeline. I mean the background of the frame. (On a shot of an email inbox, I want to show different messages.)

In Captivate, you can edit the background image, paste in a new image, or merge an object with the background. I am hoping that there is a similar function in Storyline.



Tracy Buthe

There isn't a merge with background feature in StoryLine - that would be sweet, though. You could place a new image on top or in a layer but maybe check out the link below and see if this is what you need. It talks about editing StoryLine recordings.

Paul Williams

I was hoping this thread would answer my question too, but I'm ot sure it does.. I've recorded a process in 'test Mode', and want to take one othe screens, edit the image in photoshop, as it shows somehting it shouldn't, and paste it back into the lesson fixed...

I don't  seem to be able to find any cut and paste tools to get at the image...  Any Ideas?

Thanks in advance!

Helen Tyson

Hi Paul

The background of the screen in test mode is part of the screencast so it isn't just an image you can edit.

Options might be:

  • Place a partial image over background to cover the bits it shouldn't show


  • Go back to the original screen recording in the Record Screen option, play through the video until you reach the appropriate part, pause the video, right click on the video and save the frame as an image, edit this image in photoshop, use this to cover the slide background


  • re-record the sequence (last resort)

Hope one of those helps


Paul Williams

Thanks Helen,

I found the fine tune option, and wound the image back to a point where it didn't show the item I didn't want...  And I have added a layer to the screen to add the item back in at the appropriate time...  Seems to work.. The clue was in working out that it was still part of a video.. not just an image.. Thank you.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Tom,

When you insert a screen recording as a step by step set up, it's included in the background of the Storyline slides, so there isn't a way to change it's position on the screen. If you need to include some additional elements you may want to look at changing the story size to be larger than your screen recording size, or re-recording at a smaller screen size. 

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