Can a trigger be made in Articulate Storyline 2 so a learner can not submit unless all questions have been answered?

Dec 04, 2018

Can a trigger be made in Articulate Storyline 2 so a learner can not submit unless all questions have been answered?

  • We have the trigger turned off so when they answer the questions on the individual slide, it does not tell them if the question they answered was right or wrong.  We also have a "generic" Result slide because we want to have the capability of looking up the score only through our LMS.
  • Only have a previous and next button trigger on each slide.
  • We want them to be able to scroll to next question if they are not sure of the answer with the option of clicking on previous slide or the question on the side bar to answer the question.
  • Right now, the associate can click on Submit button on the Result Slide without answering all the questions.
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Axel Ditter

Same problem here -- try to create a demo test with 2 pools and 4 questions (2*").

Created a variable

a.) all questions to be answered

b.) question (still) answered)

show an alert, when a IS NOT EQUAL TO b ...

ADD value every time they click "submit" ... but I have the problem, that even i mark no answer there is this "YOU HAVE TO ANSWER THE QUESTION" ... and then of course it adds 1, too.

Try to substract "+" when clicking the "OK" button in the alert window (Feedback slide) but its not working -

How can i edit this "YOU HAVE TO ANSWER ..." alert?



Alyssa Gomez

Hi Vanessa!

You can warn learners about skipping questions and ask them to confirm that they're ready to submit their answers before jumping to the result slide.

However, preventing them from moving on to the results slide unless all questions are answered is a bit more complex. You'll need a series of variables and triggers to make this work. Hopefully someone in the community who has already created a quiz like this can chime in and share a sample file with you!

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