Can a video file be too large to insert?

Apr 04, 2014


I'm making some brief online trainings for our LMS, and they basically consist of a welcome slide, a slide with a video file on it, and a thanks for watching slide. So far, I've been inserting the video files as .mp4 and it's working. However, there is one that says "6_19 Maintenance Training F3FD.mp4" does not appear to be a supported video format. This is the format of the other that work... I believe this video is about three hours long, could that be why?

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Stephanie Mahoney

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Julia Koller

Hi Stephanie,

I don't know if this applies to mp4s as well, but for FLV videos there is a limit of about 8 minutes. Or, 16,000 frames at 30 fps. A 3 hour video may be a good choice for embedding as a streaming video, if your students will be connected to the internet. Or if you have a server that can serve streaming...

Again, I'm not sure if there's actually a difference in how Storyline handles FLVs vs. mp4s, but that's the best I can think of.

John Denner

Does not appear to be a supported format sounds like generic developer speak for your movie will not work. No duh right, 324,000 frames? Articulate developers input? Wizards of Oz?

I would think that you should just count the mp4 as LO (learning object) not attached to a Storyline/Studio/Captivate/whatever LO and maybe have a subsequent LO that requires the learner to acknowledge they watched the 3 hour movie (at 3 hours it's not really a video is it?) Lord help me if I had to watch 3 hours of even the best Hollywood movie.

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