Can an animation be triggered by the True/False value of a variable?

Feb 22, 2021

Currently in Storyline, animation is set to be the entrance/exit animation of an object. I've tried to recreate the Rolling Dice Game with some modifications. One of which is adding a "flipping animation" of the card with the swivel animation.

I've created this animation on a layer and shows it when the dice rolls a certain value. After the animation ends, the relevant question slide will be shown and the animation layer stays on screen. After question has been answered and evaluated, user is brought back to the cards scene. This time the card will "flip" again to show the correct/wrong state.

My problem is that when the user is brought back to the cards scene after answering a question, previously attempted cards will "flip" too. So, I'm thinking if there's a possibility setting a T/F variable to check if card has been flipped, and then triggering the "flipping" animation only if variable is false. But I can't seem to do this. If Articulate can't do this, is there any other solutions to my problem?

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