Can anyone confirm HTML5 text issue with variable

Sep 24, 2013

When viewing text with variables in HTML5, the font and line spacing of the text is increased significantly.  This is somehow due the use of a variables in the text. This issue does not appear in Flash but is unique to HTML5.

To see if you experience this same issue from your own published outputs, open the attached story file in Storyline and publish it with HTML5 output. Then open the HTML5 version to see if you experience the issue. If not, then it is mysteriously unique to my projects which have been published with the same results on different computers on different networks, and with multiple clean re-installations (even a beta version of Update 4). I've run through several days of troubleshooting steps from the Articulate engineers. They are able to see the issue when they view my published output but they cannot replicate the issue when they publish the original story file from their end. 

To see what I see, you may access my published HTML5 output here.


UPDATE: Issue was resolved and was due to 120 DPI setting. Storyline only supports 96 DPI (100%). Read more below.

The original story file is attached. If your published HTML5 output of this file shows the same problem, please let me know so I know it's not isolated to my projects alone.  Thanks.

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Pete K

A member of Articulate’s Tier 3 support team assisted me in narrowing down the cause of my overflow issue with slides that contained variables. It was due to my DPI setting which was set at 125% (120 DPI). Bringing it down to 100% (96 DPI) resolved the issue.  There is KB article on this issue here.  Since I made the DPI change, the issue has been resolved but I now feel like I'm about to lose my eyesight straining to read text on my 24" monitor.  So I have decided to put in a feature request to support 120 DPI.  If others experience the same problem, please do the same.  Otherwise, we'll all be wearing glasses in a matter of months.

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