Can anyone help me to check where did I set my variable trigger wrong?

Hi, everyone

I am developing a course, I've made a ring shape result/progress bar, so in the following scenarios, if the learner choose the correct responds, the ring shape result bar will show different state to indicate the completeness. 

There are four scenarios, every scenarios' full score is 5, I've created a number variable and set add number 1 when the learner click the correct responds, each number (1-5) will trigger a different state of the progress bar. 

The number (1-5) display correctly, however the ring-shape progress bar not showing at all. 

I've checked several times and couldn't figure out where is the problem. 

Could anyone help to take a look? 



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Jing Xu

Hi, Adam, 

You are a truly life saver. 

The new trigger solved my problem. I've added another trigger which is to click the level number, then set the variable (score1) number to zero, so the learner can re-do the level and won't add up the total number.

Thank you so much, have a great day.