Can anyone help me with this - reference visibility

Aug 05, 2016

I thought I was a reasonably competent user until I hit this problem. I can't resolve it and turn to my ELH colleagues for help.

I have created a SystemDate variable using Stephanie Harnett's javascript. It works fine when creating a new Storyline course but doesn not seem to function properly in the course I have created.

The problem is that either the javascript is not generating/populating my SystemDate variable and/or isn't visible when I publish the slide. I've attached images of my variables and the javascript I'm using. Can anyone identify what might be going wrong please?

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Matthew Bibby

Don't be calling yourself names Sam! All it takes is   one small error in the JavaScript and it won't run... I doubt Dropbox is the issue here.

Phil's tip about adding an alert is a good idea. 

In case you don't know how to do, add this code to an execute Javascript trigger that beings on timeline start of your first slide:

alert("JavaScript is good.");

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