Can anyone recommend how I do this....

OK, this is the plan...

I want to create a number of screens with a decision which logs the learner responses and reports back their chosen "path" at the end.

So for example...

Slide 1 - A or B (learner selects A)

Slide 2 - C or D (learner selects C)

Slide 3 - 1 or 2 (learner selects 2)

Slide 4 - feedback slide. "You selected A and C and 2"....

Any ideas?


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Ryan DeWitt

Hey Nick, for each decision point (Dx)  (or branch point) create a variable and set it as True or False (or 0 or 1) 

Create a Graphic for final display that has 5-10 States showing (A, B, C..etc)

At the end of path change the state of those graphics to the state that are True

If  StateA_D1=True  Change State to "A_D1" 

If StateD_D2=True Change State to "B_D2"

Every decision point will need multiple variables

Let me know if you get stuck :]