Can I add a condition (?) to a pre-test results slide in Storyline 360?

I have content with a pretest and a post test.  Is it possible for me to allow the user to pass the course with a 100% score on the pretest without having to complete the full course?  In other words I would like users who get 100% on the pretest to be directed to the exit slide and the results of the pretest recorded; and users who don't get 100% on the pretest would advance to the next slide to begin the course and the results of their posttest would be recorded.  

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Daniel Servan

Hi Laura,

I don't know how to cheat the LMS. Based on my understanding, once the user get the passing score, the status of the LMS is set to Completed or Passed. My idea is to create a custom result slide but not the default Result Slide template in Storyline. On the custom result slide, a javascript will save into LMS with a string Complete but not the actual Complete completion status. The "Complete" string is like an ordinary text saving into LMS using suspend_data element and retrieve this suspend_data whenever you want.