Can I add Checkmarks to layers in a single screen

I have a screen with multiple questions and when clicking on each question a layer will show with the answer. Is it possible to have a checkmark placed next to each question once the reader has read the answer? Also, is there a way to keep the reader from moving to the next screen until all questions have been read?

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Jerry Beaucaire

I would use "STATES" to accomplish this.  It appears all your questions are in a single text box.  Probably using hotspots to trigger the layers?   By not posting the .story you're making me "guess".  Hehe.

Anyway, I would recommend this approach.


  1. Delete the hotspots, unneeded.
  2. Create a SHAPE (box) the same size your hotspot was for question #1.   Give it a nice background color.   Make the box look the way you want, because you only have to do this once for all 7 questions, we're going to duplicate this shape later.
  3. Put the text of the question into the shape.
  4. Add additional STATES to this box
    • HOVER - add a glow around the edges so this box highlights when the mouse hovers over it.
    • VISITED - change the background color to grey so that it looks "visited".  You can also add a checkbox icon on here if you really need it, I'm not sure I would, the grey color gives the same "visited" appearance.
  5. Now add a trigger to this box to change the state of the shape to VISITED when the user clicks the shape.
  6. Now add a trigger to show the layer for the first question when the shape is clicked.

So you have created a shape with a question, it has a total of 3 states and 2 triggers.


  1. Now copy this box 6 times, then change the text in the copies so you now have 7 "boxes" with 7 questions in them.
  2. Arrange them in the same order and line them up nicely
  3. For each box, change show layer trigger to show the correct associated layer.



  1. Create a trigger to disable the NEXT button when the timeline starts
  2. Create a second trigger to change the state of NEXT to normal when the state of all 7 shapes you created above have the state "Visited".

That should do it.