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Maura Bear

Hi! I noticed one of your animation paths is not accounted for in your code (Manual target date). I saw that little tiny motion path, stretched it out so I could right-click and see its properties. Is that supposed to be there? Probably not. I only found it by zooming in 400 percent. Have a look at my screen shot to see. Hope this helps.

Teresa Scanlon

Maura, I'm new to relative start points. Do I have to create a new motion path for each of the stops that I want my red box to make, with the option "Relative Start Point" for each of the paths? As you can see, I lined up my start point with the previous path's stop point. Is this how I should be doing this? I just watched a you tube video that makes me think otherwise (they didn't give many details about how they did it.)

Maura Bear

I've always made my first one. Then made a second one and dragged each point on top of the other. Green on red, red on green - all the time for me. Motion paths are a pain and cumbersome. I try to stay away from them as much as possible. In fact - I would simply do multiple boxes and just have them fade in and out where appropriate if it was my project. That's how much I dislike them. LOL!