Can I be notified when a user completes using the phone or Ipad APP?

May 18, 2016


Been having problems with people trying to access our LMS courses when not using a PC. Scrolled through all the comments and updated our end game using the Articulate Updater - now working fine.

This however is pointless if I can't record if someone has completed the training to send out their certificate. 

Is there any more help available to do this as I could only find "at the moment Storyline does not support offline reporting" from 2 years ago.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Damian!

This is a great article that covers many FAQs about publishing for mobile deployment.

If your LMS supports Tin Can API, it should report as expected via the Articulate Mobile Player, but your user would need to be connected to the internet for reporting to work. However, if your LMS does not support Tin Can API, you would want to publish for HTML5 for mobile deployment/reporting to your LMS.

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