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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Or, if that doesn't work for you (it doesn't always work for me, depending on what my goal is), you can insert that symbol into a marker state. I discovered this quite some time ago when Bill Harnage discussed it here where Phil also described his "picture fill" method (thanks, Phil..I've taken advantage of both your ideas and Bill's

I wrote up some quick instructions and have attached a sample file.

  1. Insert the marker the "no icon" marker (see callout in screenshot above)
  2. Set its color
  3. Insert the symbol in a text box (I actually copied/pasted your symbol, Bo, since I wasn't sure where it was on the character map)
  4. Right-click on the text box to access the Format Shape dialog box,clicked the Text Box tab on the right, and set all margins to zero
    This is not strictly necessary, but makes it a bit easier to manipulate)
  5. Position the text box over the marker so you can position it accurately
    For precise positioning, select the marker and the text box. Then Align Center, Align Middle.


  1. Cut the text box
  2. Click on the marker and on the States tab and create a new state, giving it a name (I called mine icon)
  3. Paste the symbol text box into the state (reposition if necessary)
  4. Click Done editing icons
  5. Set this state to be the initial state