Can I change the total points available in a quiz

I have a ten question quiz in an LMS and I need a way to see which quiz questions the learner has answered incorrectly.  Our LMS reports quiz scores in a percentage (not points), so we gave each quiz quesiton a unique amount of points that wouldn't add up to the total number of points for any other questions or a combination of other questions points added together.  This method also produced a unique percentage score, but three of the percentages were less than 1% which the LMS interpretted as 1% making the first three questions score the same.  I can still use this method if I only have 7 questions...but we have 10.  Now we've come up with point values that will work, but only if I can increase the total number of points and allow for larger percentage scores. Has anyone ever tried to do anything like this?

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Shelly Briggs

That is what I'm trying to do.  My LMS doesn't report points, only percentages.  So, from the total score (in a percentage)  I want to be able to determine which question was answered incorrectly.  I don't know of any other way to see which specific questions the learner(s) answered incorrectly, just how many questions were answered incorrectly.

Shelly Briggs

I work for Engineers and trust's been calculated!!!!  If you need to know how to do this for 7 questions just let me know because I have the points/scorespercentages that will work!!!  The quiz we're trying this on is fairly simple and we don't expect very many questions to be answered incorrectly, but if they are we'd really like to know which question they don't understand. 

Does this mean changing the total amount of points in a quiz isn't possible?