Can I compel completion of a scene to change a state?

I'm building a course that uses a launch-lessons button screen to navigate. When the user finishes each scene, there's a button that sends them back here. I want to disable the quiz until each button's state is changed, and I accomplished that. What I want to know is: is there a way to compel someone to click through each slide in each scene in order to unlock my quiz. As is, I have it set to change the state when clicked, and this shows the user where they've already been. But I would like to force viewing all slides before I unlock the quiz scene. Is States the answer here, or is there another way to lock this out. 

I'm attaching an image of my lesson selection slide. Appreciate help. These discussion boards got me this far.

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Walt Hamilton

Another option is the project here:

The Restricted and Mixed versions both require you to visit all slides before going to the exit slide, which in your case would be the quiz. Restricted further requires you to visit them in order.