Can I create 2 buttons on the "Try Again" layer?

Can I create a feedback layer for incorrect questions that contains 2 buttons, 1 for Try Again and 1 that is optional to branch to the content slide? I've been working on this but it's challenging, at present even after I deleted the "Incorrect" layer and created a new master feedback layer with 2 buttons on the "Try Again" layer, when I answer the question incorrectly I get the "Incorrect" popup, which I thought I deleted????

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Jill

maybe I don't understand what you are after.

See attached video of what happens with Q1 - also I think the 'review content' button is pointing to main slide rather than the correct content slide but that's an aside.

The review content button has been placed on the try again layer next to the Try again button? isn't that what you meant