Can I create a custom template using my company brand guidelines?

Can I create a custom branded template to share with my wider team to create elearnings in storyline? I have been able to create branded backgrounds using master slides and love the interactions from some of the templates available in storyline but how can I combine these to create templates for my other team members. When I have copied the interaction (from the storyline template) into the master slide (branded) it loses all interactive elements and cant be edited by the user when they select the slide layer in there elearning creation.

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Julia Jones


Thanks for your response we have been using team slides to share and work on projects as a team, but it is not quite what I was asking for. I want to create a corporate template (ie when I use a template from content library like illuninate I can the choose from the slide layout options in the rest of my scene by clicking on the apply / basic layout and selecting the slide I want) that when the user selects apply layout it will give them the options from just our corporate branded slides this will mean that we can control consistency and branding across all our eLearning’s.  I know that I can create the branded slide and show within a scene that the user can then select or copy and paste but we will have approx 40 branded slides and this doesn't feel like the easiest way of working. It would be much easier if I could save these to a template  that I could then share with the team through team slides.