Can I create a gif in Photoshop and insert it into Storyline?

I'm totally new to gifs, and after a lot of research online I managed to make a simple gif using Adobe Photoshop. The gif works in PowerPoint, but I developed it to work in my current project (in S2) and it is does not work there.

Please help...everyone in my workplace is stumped. A coworker used Adobe Animate to build her gifs. Is that the way to go? 


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Clarelyn Gonzales

Hi Joanne,


This seems to be a tricky one.

I've tried to use your gif file on my end and it didn't work.

I've inserted a different gif file(created from Photoshop) and it's working just fine.

You may try to up the gif's number of loops in Photoshop then export to Save for Web

Hope it works for you.


As a workaround though, you may also try to Convert an Animated GIF into an AVI File.




joanne k

Well, I've been searching for going on 2 days now and have yet to find a good tutorial on how to even build a gif (I followed instructions provided on a youtube video, and did save to web). Every tutorial I've seen including the ones recommended here take the stance that you know the lingo and have worked in the industry of building graphic arts. i cannot find a tutorial that speaks to a true beginner. And...I've not found anything here or elsewhere that explains exactly how to insert a gif into Storyline. So I've no idea what I've done wrong, that my gif is not working. 

Clarelyn Gonzales


I'm actually having it inserted just as how a normal image is being inserted.

Under insert tab >Select Picture >Choose the gif you've created.

Or you can simply drag and drop them to your project.


You may want to share how you're adding one and provide additional details.

That way, our folks could have it replicated and further isolate the issue.

joanne k

Inserting it is not the problem as I've inserted other gifs before, made by a coworker.

A graphic artist just came over and helped me out. It was size! The two images of the boy, open eyed and close eyed, were too big. I reduced the width/height/ and resolution significantly, going as low as possible without making the images look bad online, and the gif now works!!!! Yay! 

Thank you, Clarelyn and Matthew for trying to help me out. I appreciate it.