Can I create a slide set at "reset to initial state" and have objects appear in the visited state?

Mar 06, 2019


I have a slide with multiple layers. On the base layer are multiple objects to go each of those layers. 

I also have audio on the base layer that I don't want repeated every time a user returns to the slide to select another object. I successfully created a variable trigger to stop the audio from playing on each visit. 

However in order for the slide to work properly, I've had to set the slide settings as "reset to initial state" when re-visiting; otherwise when a user returns to the base layer none of the objects on the slide appear anymore. 

I'd like to have an object on the slide appear visited when they return to it, but I feel like that's in contradiction with the "reset to initial state" setting, because it doesn't seem to work. 

Any thoughts?

Thank you!

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Tom Kuhlmann

If you share the file, we can see what you're doing. I'm not quite sure how you have it set up and what you want between showing visited states and resetting the slide to initial state (which then gets rid of the visited states)

  • You could create a layer and put the audio on the layer. Have the layer show when the timeline of the slide starts. Use a variable to determine if the audio has already been played. If it has, don't show the layer.
  • When you reset the slide, it doesn't change the variable so it should work. 
Esther Kim

Hi Tom, 

Thanks for your quick reply. I've attached the file I'm working on. 

Slide 1.2 Success Stories is the primary slide I was specifically writing about. I think I had to delete the visited state altogether since writing in for help because something I had done messed up some of the functionality/features.

Other slides that I'd like to change object states to visited include 2.8 Characters and 4.1 What an Advisor Does. 

I think there are a few instances where it would be helpful to change object states to visited but those are some of the main ones. 

Thanks again, 



Crystal Horn

Hi there, Esther. Since you just want to hide the base layer objects when viewing the different success story layers, let's keep it simple. Select the layer, and expand the base layer objects on the timeline:

Then toggle the visibility icon next to the base layer objects that you don't want to show when on the layers. When learners return to the base layer, all of the objects will be back in place. You'll need to delete the triggers changing those objects to Hidden, but you'll have a much more manageable project in the long run.

If you'd like to use a Visited state for your shapes, create a visually distinct Visited state for each and add a trigger to change the shapes to Visited when the hotspot is clicked. You can use the "resume saved state" option since your audio is controlled by a variable.

Let me know if that works for you!

Esther Kim

Hi Crystal, 

THANK YOU! The 1.2 Success Stories slide is now working correctly. 

For some reason I'm still having trouble with slide 4.1 What an Advisor Does. That one doesn't have layers. As soon as you click one of the hotspots you go to another slide, but when they return to 4.1 I want the shape linked to that hotspot appear visited. It doesn't seem to change when I create a trigger to change state to visited so I even create a custom setting called "viewed" and tried to play around with that with no success. 

The slide setting is to "Resume saved state". Any pointers on that slide? 


Alyssa Gomez

Hi Esther!

You can simplify slide 4.1 by removing the hotspots altogether. Instead, simply have the learner click directly on the green rectangles. That way, you don't need a trigger to change those rectangles to Visited; they'll change states automatically!

Check out the change I made to slide 4.1 in the attached file, and let me know what you think!