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Shevi Yuval

I didn't create it in Quizmaker . I tried one question an saw I can't import it.

The difference between the word quiz in articulate presenter to the a text entry interaction in storyline is that in presenter some letters are exposed. That's what I'm looking for.

For example if the word that I want the learner to type in is "Encyclopedia", in presenter he can see some of the letters -

"E_ _ _ c _ _ _ _ _ i_" , while in storyline he can't.

Any ideas?


Christine Hendrickson

Hi Shevi,

Sorry if I misunderstood, when you mentioned Presenter I was under the impression you had created this type of quiz in Studio '09, originally. Do you have a link to the quiz you've seen like this in Presenter? 

In Storyline, you can create fill in the blank questions and you can set it to display pretty much any way you want with the spaces. However, I don't think the user input section will display this. 

You can type it out in the question itself, to display the additional letters/spaces if you'd like.

Here's a quick example:

Would something like this work for you?

Marko Stojkovski

I am asking the same question, I have never seen a word quiz until today, searched this forum and I was unable to find a solution.

Here is a screenshot of the game:

I would really like to know is there some game template or what is used for this, since the only way to build this that I know is "manually" creating with show / hide objects and variables...

The whole quiz is in the attachment, if you want to open and try it.

Would be really grateful if someone knows more about this.

Most important, for me is how can be this type of quiz created in Presenter, and least important (but still is ): How an be this done in Storyline?