Can I create Patient Management Problem(PMP) test???


If it is possible create a PMP test using Articulate storyline?

That is:

  1. We  have a virtual patient that we present to a medical student and want him to diagnose disease.
  2.  He/she reads the instructions and sees the clinical symptoms.
  3. if he/she cant find the problems ask for a help, and every steps  he/she wants help the system should gave him a negative point.
  4. At the end system should calculates the positive and negative points and gave the student a final grade.

how an i do this in articulate storyline?


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Russ Sawchuk

Hi Ali,

We did something similar a couple of years ago using Articulate Presenter - a simulation on diagnosing sinus and nasal problems. We played with some of the features you need in our most recent StoryLine project - Causes of Infectious Diseases. You need to lay out your slides and then track the results using variables. I would suggest that viewing the various SL tutorials would be a good place to start.

Best of success with your project.