Can I create this course in storyline?

Apr 09, 2014

Hi All,

I've used Storyline for a bit and have learned to really appreciate the toolset.  I have a course that I need to build in the next few months and it has a pretty stringent set of requirements:

- Must contain a video (about 60 min)

- must be able to bookmark location in the video so users can leave and comeback to the appropriate spot in the playhead

- cannot fast forward the video

- must be able to quiz intermittently (throughout the video)

- Only receives completion once video has been viewed entirely (which I can fake by adding an attestation after the video)

The biggest problem I've having is trying to figure out the bookmarking issue.  Can I force the presentation to bookmark after every 30 sec or minute?  Can I do ANY bookmarking within a single slide?  Any ideas to creatively solve this issue are welcome.



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Greg Edwards

Tony, my experience with video in Storyline is admittedly limited, but here's my 2¢ anyway:

When you embed a video in a Storyline slide, it becomes part of the slide's timeline, so you can scrub through it just like any other animations on the slide.

On the other hand, if you embed a web video (hosted somewhere outside the activity, usually due to bandwidth or file size concerns), then it's basically a box within the slide that's not really connected to the player. Most 3rd party embeddable video players have their own volume/playback/resize controls, so it's not necessarily a problem, but it can make for a rather jarring experience for end-users. And if you have other events happening on the slide, it can get pretty awkward to manage. Furthermore, it's hard to prevent the user from advancing to the next slide, because the Storyline project has no idea whether the user paused or scrubbed through the linked video. They could just click Next and skip watching the video altogether.

So, if it's an option, I'd definitely go with embedding the video in the Storyline slide(s).

Either way, I'm not aware of any way to force bookmarking within a slide. I looked through the list of triggers and didn't see anything that would allow you to set a bookmark manually. Bookmarking is really something that's handled between the SCORM package and the LMS (or client-side cookies if published to the web). Bookmarks are typically set each time the slide is advanced. So I'd say the player "Prompt to Resume" setting is probably about as granular as you can hope to get with the out-of-the-box features.

I do know that you can write custom JavaScript triggers in Storyline, so maybe there's a script that can write a bookmark, and you can then set the trigger to run it every so many seconds on the slide. Maybe someone with more JS experience could chime in and help out.

A decidedly less technical approach would be to divide the video into small (30-60 second) chunks, then embed them on separate slides, set them to auto play, and set the slides to auto advance. You'd probably also want to hide those subsequent slides in the player's menu. Assuming the videos were properly sliced and placed on the slides, the end user would see a seamless playback, but the player would set a bookmark as each slide advanced, and the end user could resume within 30-60 seconds of where they left off. You'd have to play with it to see if there is a noticeable "hiccup" during the transition, and because you're moving across multiple slides, there would be no easy way to scrub through the entire video. But it's an idea.

Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Tony,

I also wanted to share this thread with you on how to combine a video and pause for quiz questions. 

As Greg mentioned, if you insert the video it becomes a part of the slide's timeline (unless you've enabled the video controls) but you could remove the seekbar from that individual slide so that they couldn't scrub through it. If you do enable the video controls, you could also place a transparent shape over the control portion so that the user couldn't click on it to scrub through. 

Good luck with your project! 

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