Can I dedupe a question bank?

We have a large project with many question banks some of which are nested ie Bank A is a subset of Bank B which is a subset of Bank C.  Unfortunately, there is currently no way to create a question bank that is dynamically the union of other question banks.  So I create the larger question banks by manually adding all the sub banks one at a time.  Of course then if we change one of the questions it is difficult to chase down all the places in which it was placed.

In the process of doing all this I accidently double click a button and two copies of a question bank get added instead of one, etc.

I would like a way to find duplicates in a question bank.  Better still would be a deduping operation.  Has anyone got any ideas for how this might be done?



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Lewis Eigen

That’s a really clever idea.  I have not done any exporting, but from what you suggest I assume that I could export just the question banks I am interested in and then import the edited version.  I had assumed that all I could export was a whole project, but this, as you say is seemingly inelegant, might work very well.  I can easily dedupe by sorting the questions in Word and deleting the duplicates.

I am going to use this method until something better comes along.

Thanks again.