can i embed Storyline in page with iFrame?

May 24, 2012

I currently embed our Presenter player in an HTML page using iFrame. It has served us well. We link to the player.html file and it plays within the page

Can the same be done with a Storyline file? By linking to the story.html file? If that works, will the HTML5 version play if it is viewed by an HTML5 browser?

How about the iPad version and the Articulate Mobile player. What will happen there?

Thanks for any help you can give me.


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Michael Rosenberger

I have done it in Canvas LMS using iFrame. My opinion is that we should keep student "in class" (in the LMS) as much as possible to mitigate loosing them to outside influences and distractions. Such as if you open a YouTube video as a link in a separate page, and the video ends, having a student click on the dancing cat video that YouTube suggests at the end. But I digress. 

Anyway, here is the code for a basic iFrame insert:

Replace the http:// with the HTML5 link to your project.

Michael Rosenberger

Whoops, just remembered that if I add the code in my forum post it will try to parse it as a link. Let me try this way

iframe src="" width="640" height="640" style="overflow: visible; width: 100%;"></iframe

You need to add the < at the front and > at the end.

Hopefully this will post. If not I can PM the code.

Jonathan Yaseen

Here is another fix that corrects the grey line we get when using the above. Try this fix.

iframe src="your-URL" width="720" frameborder="0" height="640" >

<p>Your browser does not support iframes.</p>


Remember to add "<" at the beginning and ">" at the end of the code above to work.

Shame we can't post code on the forum.

Kevin Croteau

Can anyone see the error in my iframe code.  I am getting the 404 error.  I had this working for a year previously but I was doing a little testing and screwed it up.


<div align="center" style="text-align: left;">

<p style="text-align: center;"><iframe src=”http:/ Accuracy 140501/story.html"  width="646" height="524"></iframe></p></div>


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Shiva, 

What issues are you running into posting your content? What version of Storyline are you using? You'll want to make sure you upload the entire contents of the published output to your web page, as Storyline needs all those files to successfully play the output.

Also, as an FYI it appears that there is an odd link at the end of your reply that just directs back to the ELH community site - you may want to Edit the post using the button just below the reply window. 

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