Can i force learners to view a doc in resources tab?

Nov 21, 2014

Is it possible to add a link to a Storyline slide that forces the learner to view a document in the Resources tab?

Background: I'm working on a compliance training module and before completing the course I want to learner to view the actual policy, which is a multi-page pdf document. I came across how to embed a scrolling pdf document into Storyline, but it required downloading something that I don't think my IT dept. will allow, and seemed pretty complicated. Any ideas?

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Nancy Woinoski

Hi Holly, you can't force a person to view a resource so Seth's suggestion is a good way to place the content of the resource document directly on a storyline slide. This still will not resolve the issue of getting people to read it and you may run into performance issues if the scrolling image is too large. You might want to reconsider how you are presenting this information so that whatever they need to know is incorporated into the body of the course and is desgned in a way that they might actually want to review it.


Holly Peters

Thanks, Seth. I'm going to try the scoll panel in Snagit to see if that works. I've never used that option for more than 2 pages. Here's hoping that 16 pages will work.

And thanks for your feedback too, Nancy. All the needed information is in the course. The client just wants the actual policy as part of the training. I could just leave it as optional in the resources tab. But I have a "library" the learner can visit. When they click on any of the books in the library, that part of the course comes up and it has a sort of book theme. I was hoping to make the policy one of the "books" in the library. Just wanted to try something a little different than the resource tab, if possible.

I'll report back about the Snagit solution.

Holly Peters

Seth, you're a genius. I'm almost there. I was able to do a scrolling window capture from a .docx. Then I saved it as a jpeg and also as a png.

When I insert the jpeg or png, the image is very tiny (all 14 or so pages fit on the screen). When I enlarge it, the text is blurry. I even opened the image in Photoshop and made sure the image size is 8.5 inches wide, but it still inserts into Storyline as very tiny.

Holly Peters

Reporting back. . .

Here's how I was able to get the effect I want:

  1. Save pdf as jpeg (or png). Each pages saves as a separate file.
  2. Insert the first page into my Storyline slide.
  3. Adjust the size of the page to the width I want.
  4. Insert a scrolling panel and size it to fit the image of the page.
  5. Drag the page into the scrolling panel and adjust the position.
  6. Repeat steps 2, 3, and 5 for each page - this was pretty tedious.

This discussion helped me too:

Yay Articulate community!