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Walt Hamilton

Adding multiple triggers to a hotspot is possible, but adding various actions that conflict with each other may not work out the way you want.

Lightboxed slides generally have to be intentionally and specifically closed, so a hover may not be your best choice. If nothing else, there is the possibility that the slide will open, cutting off communication between the mouse and the hovered object, which will disrupt any other  hover activity.

If you want to show a layer, it  is easiest if it is on the original slide. Showing a layer on a lightboxed slide is trickier.

If you want to execute multiple triggers, the lightbox will cut off the execution of the rest of the trigger stream.

So, probably the best bet is to show a layer on the original slide. When the object is clicked, the first trigger shows the layer, and the second shows the lightbox.  After the learner closes the lightbox, you can deal with the layer as you wish.