Can I Import a Master Slide?

Aug 06, 2012

Hello Heroes,

For some reason, I'm having an issue importing a Master Slide. I created a navigation setup on one file to import into a completed project. I saved the blank slide as a .template with the Master Slide altered with nav buttons and other objects. The first one I created, called navigation, worked just fine when I go to import it. However, when I created inside navigation, it always comes up blank. I saved this as a .template too, and when I go to import the file from Start > Import > Storyline > then browse for the file, it always comes up blank.

Am I doing something wrong here? It worked once and now it didn't on the other. I'll attach the templates, maybe I didn't save something correctly? This is my first time playing with the Master Slide feature in Storyline, so there's a high probability its user error.

Thanks for your assistance,


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