Can I import a SCORM file that has been published to my LMS

In my current organization, the previous instructional designer did not do a terrific job of saving his ".story" files and as a result, some of the courses that need to be edited need to be rebuilt from scratch. UNLESS there is a way to import or otherwise open the files that were created and zipped into the LMS when the courses were published. Is there a way to open any of the files created by SL360 during the Publish/ZIP process and re-create a ".story" file?

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Joe,

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news here, but the .story files aren't saved into the published output or linked when shared to somewhere like Review 360. 😕 

I have seen some folks take screenshots of slides or look at exporting out images/audio/etc. from the published output folder to reuse it in a new course. It sounds like you'll be recreating most of this from be sure to save your .story files onto your hard drive and you can use something like a network/shared drive as a backup location for your other colleagues! 

If you're on an Articulate 360 Teams account, you could also look at sharing copies of your files using the Team slides feature.