Can I import variables from different courses?

My users will be tracking their behaviors at 2 different time points with a gap in between. At the end of the 2nd tracking period, I'd like to show them how well they did compared to the first period.

Can I create this as 2 separate courses and somehow import the results from tracking exercise 1? 

Alternately, if I create this as one long course and a user doesn't finish exercise 1, can I manually advance them to exercise 2 when it's time?

I'm using 360 and this will be on Articulate Online. I don't have an LMS.

Thanks for your help! 

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Lauren Connelly

Hi Phoenix!

Great question!

Can I import variables from different courses? For example, is there a way to allow learners to compare scores between courses?

Variables are specific to each Storyline course so there isn't a built-in feature for tracking variables in other courses. I'm excited to hear if other community members have accomplished something similar in their own courses!

You can also share this with our team in the form of a feature request!