Can I insert a single slide storyline file into PPT?


I recently created an interactive map that shows all of my business's contract sites. It's a single layer file, with icons that are triggered to show a layer upon the user hovering over the icon. The layer shows the names of the contracts at that location and then disappears once the user moves the mouse off of the icon. 

The sales team has reached out to me and asked if they could insert this map into some of their presentations without losing the interactivity. 

Would it be possible to make this map appear in a PPT slide while still allowing the user to hover over the icons and have the contract names appear?

I can't seem to figure out if I can actually do this or not. 

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Babette,

Storyline can't be converted to Powerpoint so there isn't a way to make this a seamless transition.

You could look at publishing that one slide from Storyline and if you're able to host the web published content you may be able to add it to Powerpoint as a hyperlink or a web object. 

Hope that helps!