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Joanna Kurpiewska

Yes, you can have both versions installed.

Just keep in mind that all SL files will be opened in SL2 by default. If any project was saved in SL1 and you want to open it in SL2 a copy will be created.

There's no option saving a file created in SL2 as a copy which can be edited in SL1. 

Hope it helps.

Pratik Athane


But i tried to install storyline 2 were already Stroyline 1 was installed, here the storyline 2 overwrite the Storyline 1 and the icon displayed was of stroyline 2.

But if i want to publish the file in Storyline 1 then obviously the file will be of Storyline 2. How can i publish the file in Storyline 1. 

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Pratik!

The files are not automatically updated to Storyline 2. If you open a Storyline 1 file in Storyline 2, it will prompt you to upgrade and create a backup that is compatible with Storyline 1 as well.

When the default 'program' for Storyline on your computer is set, all of the icons for all files change to indicate, it does not indicate what version the file actually is.

If you manually open the file in Storyline 1, you will be able to publish from there.

Just remember that Storyline 2 files are not reverse compatible in Storyline 1 as Joanna shared above.